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Nuna Tavo Next Stroller Review

If having a baby wasn’t already hard enough, you need all of the baby gear to care for them. Unless you plan on carrying your baby everywhere you go, you will need a decent stroller, perhaps one that allows for effortless traveling, particularly when your car is involved.

Of course, finding a good stroller for a reasonable price is easier said than done. This article reviews an excellent stroller, one that allows for easy travel, is comfortable, and features one of the highest quality levels that we have seen in quite some time.

Nuna Tavo Next Stroller

The Nuna Tavo Next Stroller is a relatively high-end stroller loaded with quality, convenience, and plenty of baby- and parent-friendly features. If you want a stroller that provides safety and comfort for your child, this is a product we recommend.

Who is This Product For?

The Nuna Tavo Next Stroller is designed for anybody willing to pay more for a high-quality stroller. This is not the most expensive stroller, but it certainly isn’t cheap. That said, we feel that you get what you pay for applies in this situation, and as you will see further below, it is a quality unit.

If you have a newborn baby that needs support and will require a stroller for when it gets a little older, this is a good option for you. Moreover, the Tavo is designed for easy transportation, mainly because it takes one hand, one button, and one second to fold it down.

Perhaps one of the best aspects is that the Nuna Tavo Next Stroller is compatible with the Nuna Pipa Car Seat, forming a great travel system. Simply put, if you need a durable, safe, convenient, and comfortable stroller and are willing to make a bit of an investment, then the Tavo could be right for you.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Nuna Tavo Next Stroller, you get an advanced stroller with an all-weather seat with removable padding, an infant support insert, a reclining function; an adjustable canopy; a quality suspension system; and so much more; this stroller is feature-rich.

When it is folded down, it measures 28.4″ L x 22.4″ W x 20.9″ H, and when open, it comes in at 28.4″ L x 22.4″ W x 43.7″ H. In terms of weight, it weighs just over 23 pounds. Keep in mind that the Nuna Tavo Next Stroller has a 50-pound weight limit.

Also included with your purchase is a two-year warranty.

Overview of Features

The Nuna Tavo Next Stroller is one of the most feature-rich strollers when it comes down to it. One thing that stands out about this stroller is how portable and convenient it is for parents.

First, the Nuna Tavo Next Stroller is compatible with Nuna Pipa car seats. This means that instead of using the seat included with the stroller, you can buy the Nuna Pipa car seat and use that instead. This way, when you go for a car ride, you can unhook the car seat from the stroller and place it right in your car.

We aren’t here to review the Pipa car seat, but it also has some great features worth looking into. You can buy the complete travel system that includes both this stroller and the car seat. The car seat simply clicks into and out of the frame of the stroller.

The Nuna Tavo Next Stroller features a one-step and one-handed folding capability, so you can literally fold it down into a compact and portable package with one hand while holding your child with the other. It’s one of the only strollers that allow for this.

Once the stroller is folded down, it automatically locks into place and won’t come undone, and thanks to the design, it is easy to maneuver and pop in your trunk when not in use.

The Nuna Tavo Next Stroller also features plenty of storage, both up by the push handle and under the seat, so you can carry your baby gear with ease.

The stroller has rugged and durable plastic wheels. We wouldn’t go off-roading with it, but it should be able to move over somewhat rough terrain with relative ease. The front wheels swivel for easy maneuverability, but you can also lock them in place for a bit more stability.

In terms of comfort and safety for your baby, the Nuna Tavo Next Stroller comes with a removable infant insert that provides newborns with the head and neck support they need. When it comes to the seat, it is made to be both soft and supportive, a good combination of both.

This is an all-weather seat that won’t absorb moisture if it rains (or if your child has an accident) and is also very easy to wipe down. That seat fabric is straightforward to remove and wash.

Moreover, you can even remove that outer layer of seat fabric to reveal an all-mesh seat below. This is ideal for warm weather where your baby needs something soft to sit on that provides good ventilation.

The Nuna Tavo Next Stroller has a folding and reclining canopy rated SPF 50 to protect your baby from harmful UV rays. The seat also has an extending eye shade, as well as adjustable ventilation located on the sides.

The Nuna Tavo Next Stroller also allows for adjustable calf support, plus the handlebar on the seat is adjustable – all designed for maximum baby comfort. That handlebar also has a good bit of padding. The seat can also recline for even more comfort and versatility.

Next, the Nuna Tavo Next Stroller has a progressive front- and rear-wheel suspension to help absorb bumps for a smooth ride. However, this suspension is not the best, plus the wheels are very hard, so it’s not exactly the smoothest ride around.

The seat features a five-point anti-loop, no-rethread harness, thus ensuring that your baby can never lean too far or fall out of the stroller; the self-guiding magnetic buckle helps make life easier. Finally, it is also worth noting that the Nuna Tavo Next Stroller is built with some very durable materials. In terms of quality, we think that this is one of the best strollers out there.


There is not much to tell you about assembling and using the Nuna Tavo Next Stroller, as this is such a simple and convenient unit. It comes already assembled, so there is no assembly required.

The mechanism that locks the seat into the frame is a one-button job, and folding the stroller into a compact package is a one-button and one-handed job. Even the baby harness is magnetic and more or less does the work for you.


  • Superior durability
  • Very stable
  • Maneuverable
  • One-handed folding
  • Very portable
  • Lots of safety features
  • Lots of comfort features
  • Looks very nice


  • Relatively expensive compared to other models
  • Not the best suspension


The Nuna Tavo Next Stroller is expensive, but it is modern and high-quality. That said, this is the newer version of the older Nuna Tavo; the basic version is substantially lower priced.

It might not be quite as fancy or advanced as the Next, but it does get the job done, and it won’t cost you a fortune. You should look into the Nuna Pipa car seat, as it is compatible with the Tavo Next.

Even better is if you buy the Nuna Tavo Next and the Pipa together; this is called a travel system, and you will end up saving money by making a combination purchase.

If you just want a basic and affordable stroller, something decently durable and comfortable, something like the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Baby Stroller could be right for you.


We think that the Nuna Tavo Next Stroller is one of the most convenient, comfortable, and durable strollers. It may not be cheap, but there are many more expensive strollers on the market.

Considering the price, the fact that it has such a high-quality level and so many features is quite impressive. We would expect a product that is as good as this one to cost even more, but luckily for you, it doesn’t!

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